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Please read the instructions to the right (under the 'Instructions' title).

News update:

All sessions are set at 2 hrs per day. However, we know that sometimes you may need a bit longer and you'd rather not ask staff. So, approx. 5mins before the end of your session and as long as the PC you are using is not booked, a message will now pop up on your screen asking if you wish to extend your session. Maximum you can self-extend your session is 1hr, minium is 10 mins. Need help...just ask! Our staff are not ICT experts but will help where they can.


Welcome to South Ayrshire Council's "Library Online Computer Booking System - Netloan”

Extend login expiration time

Once you are logged on you will be automatically logged off after twenty minutes of inactivity. You can extend the login time to ten times the normal time by enabling "Extend login time".

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